Ever Need to Use A Skip? Use It Wisely!

It is part of almost everyone's routine to take the trash out daily. From there, it is taken to landfills and disposed off. While this practice may be easy to accomplish on a residential lot, the same cannot be said for any construction site.

This is mainly because there is a huge amount of waste being accumulated every single day. This not only includes the debris and rubble from the construction, but also the waste caused by workers including wrappers, bottles of drinks, and a lot more.

You cannot simply leave all this at a construction site. This will pollute the site and the environment around it. This is why people in the United Kingdom prefer hiring a skip for waste disposal. These skips come with a great deal of benefits. Before we move on to how these skips should be used, let us go through a few of their core benefits to see why people hire skips in the first place.

Reasons to Hire

There are hundreds of reasons why hiring a skip is more than just a great idea, which explains why there are so many skip-hire companies in the United Kingdom. Following are some of the key benefits of a hiring a skip.

The Ease

It might not be the most obvious reason to hire a skip, but it surely plays a great role in the decision of hiring one. At a busy construction site, a skip gives you one less thing to worry about. Neither do you have to worry about where to discard all the waste, nor do you need to worry about the environmental hazards. When the skip is full, the company will simply come and take the skip to the landfills for disposal.


There are a lot of workers on a construction site. The more people there are, the more will be the issues regarding cleanliness. A skip solves that with a simple solution. It offers a designated area to deposit all the waste so that your construction site remains free of pollutants.

Using Skips Wisely

Although skips are a great help on construction sites, if not used wisely, you will get a reduced set of benefits. On the bright side, there are certain guidelines that you can follow in order to make the most out of your skip. These tips will help you use the hired skip wisely.

Keep the Bin at a Distance

The foremost mistake a lot of people make with a skip bin is that they keep it too near to the construction site. This is not a healthy move to make. Skips are meant to contain a large amount of waste, which means being around them throughout the day is not healthy. This is why they should always be kept at a certain distance from the area of work.


When you are at a construction site, there will be other trash as well in addition to the construction rubble. While the rubble might not be the most detrimental to health, it is the thrown away food, and other items of regular use that build up bacteria. In such a case, you can segregate the skips. Instead of getting one big one, you can opt for two separate small skips. Place the one with construction waste closer while the skip for other waste farther from the construction area.

Type of Waste

You cannot just throw any waste in a skip bin. For wiser and safer use of the skip, there are certain products that are not allowed to be thrown inside it. These items include paint, pesticides, clinical and medical waste, tyres, asbestos, and appliances etc.

Dropping the Skip

Among the most common mistakes made by people is that they opt for a skip drop-off location which is far too difficult for the skip-loader to reach. Bear in mind that while dropping off the skip, it is empty, so it can be dropped off successfully, but picking the filled skip from the same spot may cause problems.

The Limit

All of the skips have a certain limit-line. This is the maximum height of waste that you are allowed to fill the skip with. Overloading the skip with excessive waste can cause you penalty charges. Furthermore, the skip-hire company will probably not pick the skip up from the construction site in such a case.


Although you don’t generally need a license to hire a skip, you will need to get one in case you want to drop the skip off at a public property. This license takes about four to seven days for issuance.

Elevating the Bin

One of the best ways to put a bin on a construction site is to place a piece of wood underneath it. This will allow the skip to stay elevated, and will be easier to manoeuvre when required. It will also protect the ground it is dropped off at, hence protecting the surface and keeping it free from damage.

Other Restrictions

If you are placing the skip on a public property, only getting a license will not suffice. You need to make sure that the skip lights are turned on for safety reasons at night. Furthermore, there should also be a set of cones that divert the traffic around the skip.

Prior to the Hire

Not everything is to be taken into account after you have hired a skip. There are certain things that should be taken into consideration prior to hiring a skip. For the most part, they will help you save a lot of money. These considerations include the size of the skip that you want to hire. There are different sizes and types of skip bins that you can go for. Always choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Most often than not, people don’t have a clear idea of what skip to hire. Moreover, they are perplexed about the company to hire their skip from. If you are also confused in such matters, this article Is hiring a skip a good idea? will be of great help.